About This Project

Scenery at Sunset


In the spring, after graduating from the art school, I rented a house for a couple of months in Kamitakabatake, Nara, and completed two drawings, both in size 25. This is one of them, and it’s my consummation in small artworks. The configurative discrimination? of existence and the quest for infinite mysteries had reached this point. One day Mr. Narashige Koide made a surprise visit from Osaka, so I took a break from my work and chatted about the gossip from the art community. He was working in a field totally opposite from my artistic endeavours at the time, but we must have had something in common. Of five artworks I entered in the Nika contest that year, Mr. Hakutei [Ishii] praised this piece as the best.

Oil on canvas

24 x 31 3/4 in.

Nature, Oil Paintings