About This Project

Japanese Quince


When I was drawing a mural for Kasugamaru (cruise liner) at the art studio in Shimoochiai, my eye was drawn to the beautiful Japanese quince flowers in the garden. So, I took an ink slab and a chair outside and started sketching on a piece of folded drawing paper on one hand and a brush on the other. I put two pieces of the whole-size paper together and sketched the entire view. Then, after framing it for the time being, I thought it was pretty good. Ink painting creates its own style. I tried with Urushi on paper at a later time, but it didn’t have the same effect as ink and paper. Ink painting is a style of its own, and is therefore different from oil and Urushi.

White cat, scroll

44 x 54 3/8 in.

Nature, Sketches