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The surrounding area of Isono-kami Shrine is called Furunosato. It was once under the influence of the Mononobe clan, and was also an armory. The legendary iron sword, Nanasayanotachi, a gift from Kudara to the imperial court, is preserved in its treasure house.

“Even though my body is as old as the holly cedar in Isonokami Shrine, Has my soul found a new love to long for.”
(The Anthology of Myriad Leaves, 10-1927)

“As if to long for young women in the forbidden sacred place Mizukaki of Sodefuru, Oh have I been in love with you.”
(The Anthology of Myriad Leaves, 4-501, Hitomaro)

It is interesting to include a solemn shrine in a love song. I walked around the area, and casually drew the views that interested me.

Urushi Artwork

31 5/8 x 46 in.

Laquer, Nature