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Urushi to kogei


Saishitsu artwork titled “Cloister of Kasuga Shrine” featured in ”Urushi and Craft Art”(April 1941 issue). This saishitsu artwork was displayed on the center wall of the first class smoking room of the cruise liner “Kasugamaru” owned by Nippon Yusen KK. Regrettably the artwork no longer exists at the present time. “Kasuga Shrine” is located in Taiwa’s home region, Yamato, Nara.


Taiwa describes, “I spent 5 years of my student life in the area, and I should be thoroughly familiar with the shrine, but I took three trips to Nara for detailed sketching for this artwork.” He further states in the article, “I have been thinking for the past several years to produce an artwork commemorating the Japanese imperial regnal year 2600 (1940), and I accepted a commissioned work from Nippon Yusen to render a large artwork. My only regret is that I couldn’t totally express my artistic preference because it was a commissioned artwork.”

Saishitsu Artwork

Cloister of Kasuga Shrine